Choosing the Office Chair or Home Office Chair

Choosing the Right Office Chair- Fabric, Mesh or Leather?

Whether you’re working from home or within an office, a comfortable workspace is essential for productivity. While it’s important to pick the correct desk and storage, picking the correct office chair is the key to making it through the long workday.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when picking an office chair, for example:

  • What is your budget?
  • How many hours a day will you be using the chair?
  • Do you find a specific style of chair more desirable?
  • Do you need a material that is easy to clean/extra durable?
  • Do you have any additional requirements? (e.g. higher weight capacity, extra support for back problems)

You may want to think about these factors before choosing the material of your computer chair. The Direct Office Supply Company offers chairs in a range of fabric, mesh, leather and leather effect materials to meet our customers’ needs. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each of these so that you can make the most informed choice and pick the right chair for you!

Leather / Leather Effect Office Chairs


  • High-end stylish look and feel- leather chairs often feature an executive look and feel that is suited to both formal offices and the home office.
  • Plenty of choice- we offer a large variety of shapes, back heights and designs in our ranges of leather/leather look chairs. This includes executive styles, gaming chairs, and plenty of modern and elegant designs.
  • Comfort- leather chairs offer a comfortable feel, especially real leather which has a softer feel. Plenty of our leather chair have a high back, which is often chosen for its comfort factor. If you’re looking for a deeper and more padded seat, you’re likely to find it amongst our leather ranges.
  • Additional support requirements- If you have any additional requirements, such as support for back problems or you require a seat with a high weight capacity, you’ll find a suitable chair amongst our leather options.
  • 24hr use- for extended use, a 24-hour chair with a leather finish is an ideal choice.
  • Easy to clean- most leather/leather look finishes will wipe clean.


  • Higher price- the luxurious feel of a leather chair often comes at a higher price. However, if you fancy the look of a leather chair without the price tag, there are plenty of faux leather alternatives that look just as good!
  • Less colour options- many leather chairs only offer the option of a cream or black finish. However, as ranges are expanding, many of our office chairs are becoming available in a larger variety of colours. These include brown, tan, white, grey, burgundy, blue and more!

Fabric Office Chairs


  • Reasonably priced- fabric chairs are more reasonably priced in comparison to leather. If you’re buying on a budget, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from in our fabric chairs range.
  • Plenty of choice- not only are fabric chairs available in the widest variety of colours, there’s a wealth of options in style and back height.
  • Comfort- fabric chairs offer a lot of padding for the most comfortable experience. A lot of our fabric chairs are “24-hour chairs” intended for extended use, which offer the most comfort and support.
  • Durable and long lasting- fabric chairs are durable and hard-wearing, making them ideal for everyday use for many months and years.
  • Great for big offices- the low price and durability means the fabric chair is often the desired option for large employers buying in high quantities to kit out an entire office.


  • Difficult to clean- fabric chairs can be easily stained and are more difficult to clean.
  • Less breathable than mesh- although fabric chairs are breathable to a degree, mesh chairs are a more breathable option if you work in a warm environment where more airflow through the seat/backrest would be desirable.

Mesh Office Chairs


  • Breathable- the net-like material on the backrest (and often the seat pad too!) is extra breathable which is ideal for warmer work environments and the warmer months of the year.
  • Reasonably priced- mesh chairs are very reasonably priced. If you’re buying on a budget there will be plenty of options available. These chairs are comparable in price to fabric chairs, and are equally as durable and comfortable!
  • Ergonomic design- many of our ergonomically designed chairs feature a mesh finish. Mesh is the ideal material for creating a shaped and sculpted backrest to offer maximum support. These chairs don’t sacrifice any comfort in comparison to fabric chairs.


  • Not as luxurious as leather- mesh chairs don’t offer the same soft feel as leather, however they come at a much more affordable cost.
  • Limited colour choice- most mesh chairs feature a black finish, however more options are becoming available in bright colours such as blue, orange, green, purple and red. Some mesh chairs also have the option to choose a fabric seat pad in a bright colour.



The Direct Office Supply Company has a wide range of office chairs available to buy online including leather chairs, fabric chairs and mesh chairs. Here are some of our recommendations and some of our most popular products available with fast, free delivery.

Leather office chairs:

Dams Catania Brown Leather Office Chair

Why we love the Catania:

  • our best-selling executive office chair - ideal for executive offices as well as home office if you enjoy a classic look
  • soft-feel brown leather faced finish
  • affordable price for a leather office chair
  • extra comfy with its padded arms and the ability to tilt and adjust the seat to your preferred position

Teknik Goliath Duo Heavy Duty Office Chair

Why we love the Goliath Duo:

  • durable leather faced chair available in 3 colours- cream, black and grey
  • generously sized highly padded seat for extreme comfort with 24 hour use
  • maximum weight capacity of 27 stone (170kg)

Dams Bari High Back Black Leather Office Chair

Why we love the Bari:

  • afforable price for a sleek faux leather finish
  • stylish design with chrome accents and stitching detail
  • high back adds comfort
  • ideal choice for a home office chair if you enjoy a modern look

Fabric office chairs:

Dams Vantage Fabric Computer Chair

Why we love the Vantage:

  • affordable price- a great computer chair for large offices
  • available in a wide range of colours
  • large seat with deep cushioning for comfort

Teknik Titan Heavy Duty Office Chair

Why we love the Titan:

  • heavy duty- weight capacity up to 27 stone (170kg)
  • robust design with generous measurements and deep padding
  • 24 hour use

Dams Tempo Grey Office Chair

Why we love the Tempo:

  • modern design is ideal for home office
  • attractive grey fabric with stitching detail
  • high back for added comfort

Mesh office chairs:

Eliza Tinsley Luna Mesh Office Chair

Why we love the Luna:

  • our best-selling ergonomic office chair
  • wide range of colours- black, blue, red, green, orange and mesh are available, as well as the choice between a black or white shell
  • afforable price- ideal for bulk buy or home office
  • comfy padded seat and arms with a supportive shaped backrest

Eliza Tinsley Polaris Mesh Office Chair

Why we love the Polaris:

  • adjustable headrest included
  • high back executive office chair
  • heavy duty- weight capacity up to 25 stone (154kg)
  • ergonomic design- contoured backrest with lumbar support

Dams Tyler Mesh Office Chair

Why we love the Tyler:

  • modern desk chair which is great for home office
  • afforable price- great for large offices too!
  • contrasting white and black finish

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