Colourful Metal Filing Cabinets and Office Storage

Colourful Metal Filing Cabinets and Office Storage

Buy Colourful Metal Filing Cabinets, Storage Cupboards and Multidrawer Cabinets from Silverline

Our wide range of colourful filing cabinets and storage from Silverline is a made to order range, built to the highest standard of durability, Our Funky coloued cabinets are all supplied
fully assembled , most are fully lockable and we also offer high security individual locking or a security bar option. Our Colourful Multidrawer cabinets are ideal for desktop storage

These metal filing cabinets are available in a range of 28 colour options plus the option of a two-tone finish. The brightly coloured cabinets will look great in Home or Office, Mix n Match for a funkier modern look. 2, 3, 4 and 5 Drawer filing cabinets are available from budget to executive there will be a colourful filing cabinet to fit your needs within our store

Silverline also supply storage cupboards and multidrawer cabinets in bright colour options to match any office, home office or study. 

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