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Why are we always getting bombarded by adverts, mailers,celebrities, leading brands and more telling us to "like" something or someone on their Facebook page - Well it's a cheap form of advertising - let everyone know what your selling, your latest book, DVD or Cd or even just the launch of the latest Bio washing powder at practically no cost.

Facebook friends are everywhere from Celebrities with millions of Likes to grandmothers who can now get to see pictures of the grandkids in Australia just by having a Facebook account.

So why should you like us at The Direct Office Supply Company ? Well we are being honest by saying Like Us and we will give you a Discount Voucher Code off your next purchase or enter you into a Free Draw, yes we are buying your Facebook Friendship but we are telling you that upfront. We may never get as many likes as the latest X Factor winners but we intend to still be here in 20 years time giving our customer Great Offers and Online Deals, How many of today's Facebook top 100 will be able to state that.

So go on Like Us Now and get something back for being our Facebook friend.

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