Phoenix Castille HS0605K Safe

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Phoenix Castille HS0605K Safe

Product Information

  • The Phoenix Castille 6 HS0605K Safe is designed to provide extreme security protection for both domestic and business use.
  • The HS0605 K Safe Comes complete with a high security double bitted key lock (Grade 0:VDS Class 1) and is ready prepared for floor fixing with bolts supplied.
  • It has a unique barrier design for extra strength to protect against drill and cutting attack.
  • TheCastille 6 HS0605K has a recommended insurance rating of 6,000.00 cash or 60,000.00 valuables. (Ratings are approximate only and may vary due to area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter).
  • The inner and outer bodie of the safe is constructed from high grade steel electrically welded together to form one solid unit with minimum thickness of 60mm. The space between the inner and outer body contains advanced anti-penetration materials.
  • The Safe door is constructed with double steel walls containing a unique Anti Penetration material in total, forming a minimum of 100mm barrier of defensive strength.
  • All of the Castille 6 sizes have 3 way moving espagnolette boltwork with 30mm bolts securing into the top and bottom door frame. In addition the two hinge dog bolts at the rear give added strength and provide a clean cut, modern appearance disguising its strength.
  • The Castille HS0605K has a double bitted VDS Class 1 (Grade 0) banking quality lock with keys supplied in duplicate. The entire locking area is covered by hardened manganese steel anti drill plates and a "live" anti explosive relocking device, which is permanently on guard to protect against even the most determined attack.

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DimensionExternal:1200 x 600 x 510mm
Internal1080 x 480 x 345 mm
Door Swing530mm/60mm
Weight185 Kg
Capacity179 litres
No of Shelves2 shelves

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