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About The Phoenix FS0441E, FS0442E and FS0443E Fire Fighter Safe Range

Phoenix Fire Fighter Safes are designed to meet the requirements of a large capacity fire resistant safe for residential and business use.The modern, compact design and high quality finish disguises a safe that will protect its contents from fire at temperatures of 1050C for 90 minutes. NT Fire 017-90 test.

The FS0440 Series includes the FS0441E, FS0442E and the Larger FS0443E featuring a 30ft drop test and a Fire Explosion test by UL laboratories USA, making it not only fire resistant but capable of surviving a collapsing building.This fire safe will also meet the stringent insurance requirements of an overnight cash rating up to 2000.00.*

Each safe is fitted with a High security electronic lock programmable with users own code up to 14 digits in length.,finished in High quality scratch resistant paint.

The FS0442 Size 2 & FS0443 size 3 fitted with lockable drawer.

To warn of attack or unauthorised entry the integral security alarm activates and emits a high volume siren to deter possible criminal action.

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