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About the Phoenix FS2242 and FS2244 FireFile Filing Cabinet Range

Phoenix (FS2240/FS2240E Series) Firefiles have been engineered to withstand temperatures in excess of 1050C for 90 minutes. The Filing Cabinets are available in standard two FS2242 or four drawer FS2244 versions, all our files feature automatic locking with a single security lock acting on all drawers. Each drawer may be isolated to provide a combination of locked and unlocked drawers at any one time. Also available as a combination 'Mixed Media File'. Data media such as computer disks and tapes require added protection from heat and moisture, extending the fireflies capability to cater for this requirement is the media chest. This unique Phoenix data protection unit, fitted snugly into the bottom drawer of the FS2242K or FS2242E or FS2244K or FS2244E, provides for ease of use and ensures maximum protection for your valuable data.

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