Side Filing Cabinets

Side Filing Cabinets

Side Filing Cabinets - 2,3 and 4 Drawer Metal Side filers, Lockable A4 or Foolscap lateral filing cabinets with Free Delivery

Our side filing cabinets are of the highest quality supplied assebled and are fully lockable and the lowest online prices. Lateral Filing Cabinets available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 drawer

Choose a lateral filing cabinet which another name for a side filing cabinet from Silverline or Bisley - Two of the UK's top metal side filing cabinet manufacturers. A lateral file cabinet side filer cabinet has drawers that extend from the long side of the cabinet.

When you have large amounts of filing and space is limited, choose a side filing cabinet. These lockable metal filing cabinets are designed and built to hold up to 30% more paperwork without taking up too much extra room.Lateral Filing cabinets are available in a wide choice of colours including white, red, blue, black, orange , purple, grey and lots more.

Looking for a Fireproof side Lateral filing Cabinet ? Click here fireproof side filing cabinets

We also supply a great range of wooden side filing cabinets in oak, beech and maple finish.


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