What are the Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks?

What are the benefits of sit-stand and height adjustable desks?

At the Direct Office Supply Company, we stock a wide range of height adjustable desking. From manual to electronic, and from single person desks to tables for group projects, there’s a height adjustable desk that will be perfect for you. 

Many studies have focussed on the health benefits of sitting vs. standing at work, and what this can do for weight loss, back problems, heart disease and other ailments. Here at Direct Office, we agree that sitting at a desk all day could promote bad posture and back problems if you’re not comfortable and supported.

However important this may be, there’s much more to height adjustable desks than promoting good health in the workplace. Here’s Direct Office’s top reasons to try a height adjustable desk in your office.


They’re not just for standing up

Although many people refer to them as “sit-stand”, you don’t necessarily need to use a height adjustable desk to switch between positions. A height adjustable desk is an ideal way to ensure your office set-up is promoting good posture, even if you’re seated all day. Adjusting your desk to the perfect height for you can ensure that your computer screen is at eye level and you’re able to sit back in your chair comfortably without slouching.


The best way to use your height adjustable desk in this way is with a high-quality ergonomic office chair. If you’re sitting at your desk for long periods, a 24-hour office chair might offer you the best support.


They’re great for hot-desking and group projects

If you have collaborative projects and group work going on in your business, you need the right desk to accommodate this. Maybe your office works on a hot-desk system and you need a desk that suits the needs of every user. A height adjustable desk is the perfect solution. The Advance Desk from Lavoro is a great example, as it can be set at any height between 640mm and 1300mm. If your team needs to sit down, they can pull up a chair and sit comfortably, or stand if preferred.

The Duo desk is also a great option, with two desktops that operate independently of one another. This means you can have a combination of sitting and standing users.


They promote inclusivity in the workplace

Height adjustable desks are able to meet the needs of much more of the working population today than a standard desk. Having an office set up that meets all of your employees’ needs is extremely important, and a height adjustable desk is a great way to achieve this.

The Advance desk is a great choice for wheelchair users as it has a greater height range than most motor operated desks, lowering to 640mm.


Users of any height can find a comfortable position with Lavoro’s desking range, with options for manually operated desks as well as electric systems. The Duo desk, with its two independent work surfaces, would allow for two users of differing heights to either sit or stand comfortably at the same desk.

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