What does your Office Desk say about you

When you first step into your office, one of the first things you are likely to notice is your desk, so what does the desk actually say about you?
There are those who like to have a large desk that they cover in organised mess, others prefer a smaller workspace with less clutter. The type of office desk you own, plus the way you present it can speak volumes about you and your business.

Are You Creative ?

The creative person's desk will be organised chaos. Paperwork, lists, post-it notes and reminders, they will know where everything is but to the unknowing visitor it could just look like a bomb has hit it. Creative people like their desks to look slightly different, whether that be a brightly coloured desk or something out of the ordinary sitting amid all of the clutter. Storage units and funky filing cabinets in eye catching colours are the perfect addition for these artistic souls. So if you think you could be a creative worker take a look at
White Computer workstation and then add a organised touch of colour.


Are you a Social Animal ?

You are normally found in a larger office or call centres with lots of staff, the social worker's office desk is a mix of personality and paperwork. Workers that have workstations or desk clusters tend to fit into this category, they normally have a smaller workspace that is filled with personal effects such as pictures, cuddly toys, mugs and much more than can actually fit on this area. This type of person's desk may look untidy but you can guarantee that they know where every bit of paperwork is even if it is hidden under the mounds of other items on their desk. Social animals enjoy working in large groups, get on well with others and look forward to work so that they can catch up on all the latest gossip with a cuppa. To keep productive in these situations, but also happy at the same time, a workstation setup such as the maestro range which allows privacy when needed but it will also means they will be able to communicate with other colleagues during coffee breaks.


Are you the Boss ?

Well you can have any desk you want. It's your domain so what image are you trying to convey to staff, customers, family or friends ( if it's the home office or study). Choose from executive to antique, from imposing to minimalist the choices are endless. Just remember once you have chosen the desk you still have to find that Office Chair that will also make a statement but has to be comfortable.

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