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Working from Home Guide- Choosing the Right Home Office Desk

At the Direct Office Supply Company, we know first-hand how difficult it can be getting to grips with working from home. You might find yourself working beyond your usual hours because its hard to draw a divide between work life and home life. Maybe you’re struggling to get started because you don’t have the right tools at hand to have a productive day.

Our advice for success working from home is to create an area which will act as an office, separate from any spaces for relaxation. This will make it easier to get focussed, and to switch off when the workday is finished. The three most important components of your new home office are a chair, a desk and storage.

Picking the right office chair is key to working from home successfully. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be as productive as possible, and could end up causing long term back problems. To find the correct office chair for your needs, we recommend reading our blog – Choosing the Right Office Chair- which details all the factors you need to take into consideration.

Desking and storage for the home office go hand in hand, as many home office desks have built in storage. However, if you’re looking for a smaller Home Office desk and wish to handle your storage separately, we supply a wide range of filing cabinets, pedestals and office cupboards. You can select from wood finishes, or grey, black, and white if you prefer a more classic look. If you want to bring a pop of colour to your home office, we recommend our range of colourful filing cabinets from Silverline Office. Choosing the right storage is essential, as it will help keep your desk clear and keep your documents organised in the long run.

Within our range of home office desking, we have L-shaped corner desks, straight desks, and some space saving solutions that you might not have considered. We’ll go through each of these options and outline the pros and cons to help you find the perfect desk- no matter how much or how little space you have available!

L-Shaped / Corner / Ergonomic Office Desks


  • Desktop space- Corner desks offer a great amount of desktop space. This means your workspace will feel less cluttered, but you’ll still have room for everything you need at hand.
  • Storage options- Ergonomic desking comes with many different storage options and maximise the use of the space they take up. Many desks have built in filing drawers and open shelves- some even have pull-out keyboard/mouse shelves.
  • Choice and variety- A range of colours and styles are available. If you prefer a classic look with a metal cantilever leg, there’s plenty of choice! Many corner desks are now being designed for home office with stylish and modern finishes to match your home décor.


  • Large footprint- L-shaped desks are on the larger end of the scale, and some people may not have the space in their home to accommodate one.

Straight Desks


  • Smaller sizes- Straight desks usually don’t take up as much room as corner desks. If you’re short on space, there are plenty of narrow straight desks designed specifically to suit your needs.
  • Wide variety of options- The widest variety of styles and finishes are available in straight desking. It seems like there are endless numbers of straight desks to choose from! This gives you the best chance to find something that fits your existing home décor.
  • With or without storage- You have plenty of options to decide how much or how little storage you require. Some straight desks are a simple desktop and legs, or maybe feature a small stationery drawer. This is great if you prefer a sleek design, or if you already have filing cabinets, cupboards, or a pedestal. Other straight desks have filing drawers, open shelving/cubbyhole storage, and even the option of a hutch if you like to maximise your space.


  • Less desktop space- The desktop space on a straight desk is often less generous than a corner desk.

Space-saving Solutions

There are options beyond traditional desking for setting up a home office. Some of these go against our golden rule of designating a space specifically for work, but we understand that not everyone has a room to dedicate to creating a study, or even an extra corner in their living room for a desk. Space-saving solutions are items of furniture that are multi-purpose and can be used in everyday life, or pieces that fold away when not in use. See our picks below for examples.


  • Fold-away or multi-use- Many items of space saving furniture fold away and can be stored when not in use. Others are dual purpose for both work and dining/living areas.
  • Designed for home- These furniture items are designed specifically to be used in the home, so they have finishes that will likely match with your existing décor.
  • Concealed storage options- Some of these pieces, like the lift-up coffee tables from Teknik Furniture, have concealed storage. This is perfect for hiding your documents and stationery from view once its time to relax, or for a bit of extra living room storage for blankets, magazines etc.


  • Less variety- This is still an emerging trend, so not as many styles and finishes are available in comparison to straight desking. However, these products have been popular on our website and we hope to see more styles being released to meet demand.

The Direct Office Supply Company has a wide range of high-quality home office desks to buy online, with fast, free UK delivery. Here are some of our favourite corner desks, straight desks and space saving solutions that are perfect for working from home.

Ergonomic / L-shaped / Corner Desks:

Teknik Industrial Style L-Shaped Home Office Desk

Why we love the Industrial Style Desk:

  • industrial style design is perfect for the current "loft apartment style" trend, with its modern metal frame
  • available in two different wood effect finishes to best suit your decor- smoked oak and charter oak
  • open shelving for keeping your desktop tidy, or for displaying decor
  • other furniture items available in this line- such as the Industrial Style 4 Shelf Bookcase- if you want to carry the look throughout your home office space and living areas

Teknik Home Study White L-Shaped Computer Desk

Why we love the Home Study desk:

  • attractive white finish will match lots of different interiors. If you don't have a spare room to designate as your home office, this is a great choice for adding to a bedroom as the colour will match lots of current bedroom trends. 
  • features a fully extending filing drawer for important documents you need at hand
  • cubbyhole storage can be used for books, stationery or home decor

These desks are both from one of our favourite brands, Teknik Furniture, who supply a wide range of home office furniture. Click here to check out the rest of the range from Teknik, where you're sure to find something you love!

If you're looking for a cantilever desk, or something that can be matched with a pedestal in a more traditional wood finish like oak or beech, check out of range of ergonomic corner desking. You'll find plenty of options in all sizes. Our pick for a great deal is the cantilever desk and pedestal bundle which works out much cheaper than buying them separately! 


Straight Desks:

Dams Luxor High Gloss Home Office Desk

Why we love the Luxor:

  • one of our best-selling designs, so we know our customers love it too!
  • white high gloss finish is incredibly stylish and would be a great statement desk in a modern home office
  • the sleek design conceals a spacious stationery drawer
  • depth of this desk is under 600mm, so it won't take up unnecessary space

Alphason San Diego Computer Workstation

Why we love the San Diego:

  • available in 3 colours- white, beech and walnut- so you'll be sure to find an option that suits you
  • our ultimate storage workstation- with storage cubbies, a stationery drawer, a slide out keyboard/mouse shelf, a CPU storage cupboard, printer shelf, open shelving, and even a monitor shelf to keep your desktop completely clear
  • even with all this storage, the San Diego is less than 600mm deep- placed against a wall, it won't take up any more space than necessary!
  • another one of our most popular desks- and it comes at a great price, showing a cheap cost doesn't mean sacrificing quality and practicality


Alphason Aspen Trestle Style Home Office Desk

Why we love the Aspen:

  • afforable price for a unique contemporary design
  • white and light oak finish could easily be matched with bedroom or living room furniture if you're setting up an office space in a room thats already decorated
  • stationery drawer and raised shelf offer both open and closed storage


Space-Saving Solutions:

Teknik Home Study Lift-Up Coffee Table / Work Desk

Why we love the Home Study Table:

  • lift-up top raises to create a desk when you need it, then lowers back into place for use as a coffee table
  • ideal if you're working from home part time/split between home and the office, or if you don't have space for an office desk
  • lower shelf had space for decor and the concealed storage under the tabletop can be used for living room storage or for office items

Teknik Furniture has released two other coffee tables featuring the same lift-up technology:


Dynamic Fleur Smart Storage Fold Away Storage Desk

Why we love the Fleur:

  • desktop swings out when you need it, or folds away to overlap the storage unit when you dont- effectively halving the space it occupies
  • workspace rotates 360 degrees- meaning you can use this as a left or right hand corner desk, or as a straight desk
  • two spacious open shelves and two deep drawers- the bottom drawer is suitable for foolscap filing- its always useful even when not functioning as a desk!


Dams Fuji Folding Desk

Why we love the Fuji:

  • available in three sizes- 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
  • the frame is foldable/collapsible so that you can put it away in a cupboard or another storage area when not in use
  • you dont need to designate one particular space in the home- set up the desk anywhere you have room, then return to your usual living space when the the work day is over

Teknik Avon Leather Handled Folding Wall Desk

Why we love the Avon Wall Desk:

  • this desk is wall mounted, so it takes up no floor space 
  • flip down the desk when you need it, and fold away when it's not in use
  • white and oak finish is ideal for a bedroom or living room
  • back panel acts as a pinboard and the open storage shelf can be used for stationery or decor items

 Another Wall Desk we love is the Hampstead Park Wall Desk

Home Office FAQs

Q. What is the best home office desk?

A. It depends on your space! We can't tell you that one desk in particular is the best desk as it might not work for your space. Check out our picks above and follow the links to see the dimensions, specifications and features then you can pick what the best desk is FOR YOU.

Q. Who makes the best home office desk?

A. We firmly believe that some of the best work from home desks come from our trusted suppliers. These include Dams Furniture, Teknik Furniture, Alphason Office and Dynamic Furniture amongst other! We recommend checking out their products for sale on our website. 

Q. Where should a desk be placed in a home office?

A. Once again, it depends on your space! If space is limited, placing a desk against the wall is probably going to take up the least room.

However, if your chosen desk has a stunning 360 degree finish like some of our home office desks, you might want to make it a statement by placing in the middle of your home office/study. This is also a great option if you meet with clients in your home and want to place a visitor's chair on the opposite side of your desk. 

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